Samantha and Rosie

‘Samantha and Rosie’, watercolor/chalk pastel, 18″ x 14″ framed. Commission.

These two special horses pictured as mare and foal and again, years later, are in horse heaven now enjoying rolling in the dirt and eating copious amounts of clover I think. Thank you Dana for giving me the opportunity to capture these two forever in a portrait that is so meaningful to their human, Allen. Please donate to Horse Harbor Foundation in Poulsbo, Washington. They care for retired horses and see them through their horse rainbow bridge with kindness and compassion that every being deserves. Thank you.

Horse portraits

‘I’m So Fancy’ (watercolor/chalk pastel) is what I call this rather quick watercolor of Odin. He’s only about 18.1 hh and does think of himself as a Unicorn or even a Porpoisee at times. He loves xc when his human takes him eventing. He will do the strangest tricks from his stall door for a treat or multiple treats. Would you like your horse’s unique personality captured in a painting? Email me and tell me all about it.

northwind arts center in port townsend, wa

June 1 Saturday Art Walk, 5:30-7:00, 701 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington.

June Artist Showcase features my Canoe Journey paintings as a body of work. I see this narrative is a significant cultural story in our community. Through my artwork I hope to raise awareness of Canoe Journey. I chose to focus on the canoes as celebration of their unique styles, designs, and forms as well as beauty and uniqueness. From an artistic eye, form and function is evident and highly exciting when one looks at the many ways canoes are made today. Since 2016 when I began painting the canoes, I have been quit surprised and blessed with stories and people connections the canoes have brought into my life.

This body of work will show through June at Northwind Arts Center.

June 1 Art Walk

The číčməhán (Chetzemoka): Then & Now Exhibit will showcase historical and contemporary art and craft of the Salish Sea Coastal Tribes, particularly of the Jamestown S’Klallam peoples.

Northwind Arts Center, 701 Water Street, Port Townsend WA. Saturday June 1 Artwalk 5:30-7:00pm.

‘Chetzemoka’, 20″ x 26″, watercolor, framed, $900.00.

This canoe family was one of the first to land at Fort Worden State Park beach during Canoe Journey 2018. It was a very warm day and there were many very tired pullers. Chetzemoka Park cliffs are showing in the background.

Final canoe Painting

Pictured here are my recent and final canoe paintings. Listening to my heart, intuition, spirit, inner voice; this voice states that this is my final canoe painting. ‘Blessing the Canoe’ is based upon an image during 2016 Canoe Journey at Suquamish. This beautiful sunny morning, just before shove off, she was gracefully saging this canoe in preparation for the next destination of Alki Beach.

‘Blessing the Canoe’, 18″ x 14″, watercolor, framed, $500.00. 8″ xf 10″ prints and greeting cards available.
‘First to Depart for Alki”, 18″ x 14″, watercolor, $400.00. 8″ x 10″ prints and greeting cards available.

newest painting ‘harmony’

‘Harmony’, watercolor, 14″ x 17″ , prints available.

This lovely watercolor is going to a special fundraiser. Funds raised from ‘A Time to Gather’ hosted by the Suquamish Foundation and held at Kiana Lodge on Agate Passage in Suquamish, Washington, will contribute to a brighter future for generations to come. I appreciate that my art can help facilitate growth, as others do the heavy lifting, organizing, and planning. Information for ‘A Time to Gather’ may be found at the link below.

New work

Going in a different direction; having fun with some figure drawings and the most amazing amaryllis – in full bloom. More on this soon.

I enjoy sharing the process of creating. There are many decisions to be made including creating a balanced composition that may later have impact when color is applied. How to apply the color, wet paper, dry paper, which color, (wash, stain, opaque), and in which order different hues or colors will be applied. Most colors are mixed and ready before the brush touches the paper since time spent to stop and mix a new color could inhibit perfect details and desired results.

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