Award Winning Painting

Thank you to Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend, Washington, and Friends of Port Townsend Library for choosing my painting as the best visual representation of ‘Whiskey When We’re Dry’ by John Larison. This book is a fabulous read. There is something magical about the way Larison entices the reader into a revised story of the Western. I truly enjoyed painting a scene, from my imagination, for this show at Northwind titled ‘Just Passing Through’.

This Guy is 30!

Fraju and Anne schooling water, 5″ x 7″, watercolor, 2002.
‘Cloud Dancers’, 16″ x 20″, watercolor, 2002.

Two paintings from 17 years ago. Sweet Fraju (the chestnut) who is a little crazy now and his buddy Toulouse, who I had to re-home in 2009. Though, I see him in my dreams. This old man Fraju (30) ran for 7 years and in over 40 races! He has been an eventer and lesson horse ever since. His human is amazing and has kept him fit and on supplements which added to his longevity. He and my horse, who was also a tall TB (17.3hh) were best friends and used to play, rear, kick, and bite like brothers. Fortunately we only had one incident of gushing blood and having to call the vet. I painted them together from an image that Anne took during pasture playtime. And I captured a cute little painting of Anne and Fraju schooling the water. I have never seen a horse who loves cross country as he did. I once witnessed 10′ levades in circles around the start box before XC. These paintings I shall keep forever.

A Handsome Palomino

I really enjoyed painting this commission, though it was challenging. I had a picture of the horse, Oscar, being ridden by his human. I did a few value sketches first to better understand composition and value. Final painting was about 16″ x 20″, before it was framed. In most cases I ship paintings unframed as this allows one to choose their own frame and simplifies the process greatly, on both ends.

One of my Favorites

This is King, a handsome draft horse. I painted him on two different occasions. Can you tell which one is watercolor and which one is chalk pastel and watercolor?

The top image I still have (11″ x 14″). The bottom image, grazing, was painted for the last PONCHO Seattle fundraiser for the arts auction (1963-2013). Some lucky person took King home that night.

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